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Submitted by zora tunic for ... on Tue, 2014 Mar 25 - 01:59

actually it is almost completely taken from the opening of STAR GATE ATLANTIS
and unless he is paying royaltys to the original artist its kind of plagiarized. Having said that the human mind has an uncanny ability to hear a tune once and then months later you start to hum and think that you made your own tune up but in reality your mind just was replaying what it had already heard.
but once again having said that it is a fantastic peace of work and i love it (but seriously you can tell me i wont tell anyone else you like STAR GATE ATLANTIS dont you) ;)

Submitted by zora tunic for ... on Sun, 2013 Jul 14 - 23:58

hey i just downloed it today on my andriod device ant i works fine. it will come up on the app store if you search "radio hyrule" . its called "Game Music Radio -8bit sound". the app has about 30 stations including "radio hyrule" and "the spinning stream" which plays the zelda radio show on fridays on there shannal and radio hyrule.if you scroll to the top of raido hyrules home page and click shows you will find it. And if you still cant find the app the developers name is "DEVELOPERCAT". hoped this help