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Submitted by Xykrotik on Wed, 2018 Jan 24 - 21:16

Hey thevexis,
Mark of Two actually has the download link in his video description on YouTube. Here's the link to the sheet music download: Memories Under the Moon Sheet Music

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2016 Feb 21 - 06:14

I doubt the "system glitched"
Another user must have requested it after you did and used a request token to do so. Another likely option is that you requested it twice using a request token of your own, if you own any.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Thu, 2016 Feb 11 - 02:46

Hello Kieroni,
I understand how you can think that this may not belong on Radio Hyrule, however it still does. Though a fan did not make the piece, it does not mean that it can not be uploaded to our library. These tracks aren't on the original OST, but instead they are promotional tracks that came with the OST. This means that they don't go against our terms of not uploading OSTs and are accepted to our library.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Mon, 2016 Feb 08 - 02:01

Hello Unsuspicious_Pizza,

Did you request this song a second time on accident and ended up using a request token when you did not want to? If so I can credit it back to your account unless you are okay with having requested the song a second time.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Tue, 2015 Dec 01 - 23:23

Hello FriendsNone!,

The Android App is not free and is currently under testing. The app is set at $1 in price. Upon the apps release, it still should not cost much if any. Thanks for listening!

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2015 Oct 11 - 04:51

Thanks for expressing your feelings!
It's understandable that there is music you may dislike, but music is music. Music can be anything from silence all the way to the most complex piece ever composed. This artist re-created this music in the way he wanted to hear it, as most artists do, so yes as an artist I know how it feels to like my own music sometimes more than someone else does. But you also have to think, if it isn't music then what would you call the short musical phrases played on the Ocarina in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? It's one instrument and still music. I'm not judging your opinion, just trying to show off a different perspective in hopes that maybe you'll give it a second chance or maybe not either way, thanks for listening! :)

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2015 Oct 11 - 04:45


We don't posses the sheet music or even the links to the sheet music here at Radio Hyrule. Your best bet would be to contact the artist and see if they would be willing to let you have it. Make sure you let them know you like their stuff, hope this helps :)

Submitted by Xykrotik on Wed, 2015 Aug 19 - 22:58

I personally was unaware of the issue and that it had been going on for so long. I'll take a look at it and see if I can fix the issue.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2015 Aug 02 - 19:21

There's a lot of things not uploaded to our library/in the rotation yet because of some of the work we've been doing on the up-loader and adding new features and stuff. We hope to get everything back up to date soon.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2015 Jul 12 - 03:31

Hello TheHumanPerson1,

We do not offer downloads from the Radio Hyrule Library, you have to find those yourself. I did however find a working link and you can download the song from here
Hope this helps! :)

Submitted by Xykrotik on Thu, 2015 Jul 02 - 00:47

We'll check it out, possibly see about re-uploading it. Thanks :)

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sat, 2015 Jun 27 - 15:29

You're correct, Radio Hyrule does not have a download function. The ZREO music is actually hosted on two mirrors and one of them contains Twilight symphony. They are both located on the ZREO Radio Hyrule artist page. Hope this helps :)

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sat, 2015 Jun 20 - 03:55

What do you mean by the composition is not on our website? The ZREO website or in the Radio Hyrule music library? (It's on both) Please specify :)

Submitted by Xykrotik on Mon, 2015 Jun 01 - 06:42

There wasn't a tag for Ambi's Palace to begin with, but I just fixed that :)

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sat, 2015 May 23 - 05:10

Hello Injaa,
We are aware that this track as well as a few others are showing as an error. We are in the process of fixing these but have been busy setting up for Radio Hyrule Night. After the event, everything will return to normal and we will try to fix these issues.