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Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Sat, 2016 Aug 20 - 19:44

This is beautiful. Equal parts unique melody and familiar. A shame it's so short!

Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Wed, 2015 Jun 24 - 20:35

Well, this wouldn't be a Theophany song without wailing woman. Unfortunately, it's too loud and overused. Theophany's got to learn to dial a few things back. The rest is fine and epic, but my goodness I'm sick and tired of being ear-raped whenever Theophany's songs come on.

Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Sat, 2014 Nov 15 - 22:05

This has got to be my favourite remix of this song. Nothing fancy. Just two guys playing a piano, but with such beautiful flourishes.

Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Sat, 2014 Aug 02 - 20:32

...or does this song sound as if it borrows a few themes from Kingdom Hearts? I'm listening to it and hearing a few snippets of melodies that wouldn't sound out of place on a Kingdom Hearts soundtrack.

Not that it's a bad rendition. I quite like it.

Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Mon, 2014 Jul 28 - 21:01

It's just a bunch of disjointed Latin phrases. You can quite clearly hear her sing Carpe diem around 1:00.

Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Sun, 2014 Jul 27 - 20:21

There's a bit of Outset Island in here... unless those few notes appeared in Link's Awakening without me noticing.

Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Sun, 2014 Jul 13 - 19:23

This isn't a bad piece, but some of the back-up vocals went so off-key around the 1:45 mark.