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Submitted by twilicat24 on Fri, 2015 Feb 20 - 05:07

I saw Bolero of Gilgamesh on the recently added list, but access was denied to me. That is also a favorite of mine, so I would really like that to be changed! Please!

Submitted by twilicat24 on Mon, 2014 Dec 01 - 03:02

Here you go! I actually downloaded this long before I discovered this site!

Submitted by twilicat24 on Sat, 2014 Nov 29 - 05:59

This is one of my favorite remixes of his, so at least I can say that it is okay for this to be the one they've chosen. However, I would like more. Particularly Storm Within.

Submitted by twilicat24 on Sat, 2014 Nov 29 - 05:25

I would like to see more ChaosDragon up in here!! Most, if not all, of his Zelda remixes are very good.