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Submitted by Tuosev on Thu, 2015 Mar 05 - 19:02

It's good, but it would be better if it only looped once. The repitition is a bit annoying because the end of the loop sounds like it should end period.

Submitted by Tuosev on Thu, 2015 Mar 05 - 18:59

Heh... I can kinda hear the Chocobo song from Final Fantasy being done to this style.

Submitted by Tuosev on Mon, 2014 Dec 01 - 03:19

I have indeed played Chrono Trigger, and the music for the Magical Kindom of Zeal is my favorite track from the whole game. Yes, even over Frog's Theme. The intro/background for this song is without a doubt intended to be a mashup with Chrono Trigger.

Submitted by Tuosev on Thu, 2014 Nov 06 - 23:32

This is Twinrova's/Koume and Kotake's Theme. How on earth was this mistaken and labeled as Lost Woods?!?!

Submitted by Tuosev on Mon, 2014 Sep 22 - 21:42

I was listening to this entire album all the way through this morning for the first time in a while, and when this song came on, I was thinking to myself... "What if this played in the background during you first meeting with Happy Mask Salesman?" I sat back, listened, and instantly the scenario painted itself in my mind. And I could see perfectly the expression on his face when he says, "You've... met with a terrible fate... haven't you?" It was full of understanding and sympathy. And... so was his voice, which I could also hear clearly.

Theophany has mastered the art of capturing the theme and mood of Majoras Mask so precisely and perfectly, that it honestly puts the original soundtrack to shame. I know that is blasphemy in the realm of VGM Remixes, but to put a spin on the old saying, "Once you go Theophany, there's no going back."

Submitted by Tuosev on Mon, 2014 Sep 22 - 19:30

There is a CGI fan-video to this song.

Submitted by Tuosev on Fri, 2014 Sep 12 - 20:21

My favorite song on this album actually is the only one that somehow didn't make it onto RH... Last Dance of the Giants.

Submitted by Tuosev on Fri, 2014 Sep 12 - 20:11

I'm pretty sure he meant Peter Jackson, as in the director of The Lord of Rings trilogy, and now The Hobbit movies as well. And I agree, that would be totally kick***

Submitted by Tuosev on Mon, 2014 Sep 08 - 18:23

We... we are not worthy of this song. Heck, I'm not really sure if LINK HIMSELF would possibly be worthy. Amazing, OutSTANDING, Jaw-dropping, Awesome, Absolutely terrific, Utterly and Completely Fan-Gasmic. All of these discriptions balled into one descriptive adjective would not even come close to 0.5/64ths of the way towards scratching the surface of the tip of the iceburg when it comes to this song. That is just how infinitely ????????????? this is.

Submitted by Tuosev on Wed, 2014 Feb 05 - 21:02

You should totally become a movie score composer. You have the talent. GO OUT THERE AND GET RECOGNIZED BY A BIG-TIME MOVIE COMPANY!