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Submitted by Nibelethe on Thu, 2019 Jul 04 - 18:54

This is fantastic, the song of storms should be a dramatic song and this is a tempest. I love the rise and fall, I can picture the storm and the strings are perfect

Submitted by Nibelethe on Tue, 2019 Jul 02 - 19:22

I really liked this song, the original sections played very nicely with the Deku Nut song

Submitted by Nibelethe on Tue, 2017 Jul 18 - 13:39

This is just so haunting and amazing. To start with I disliked Fi far more than I ever disliked Navi but by the end of Skyward I was almost crying when she left (how does Nintendo keep doing that to me?!?) and this song just brings all of it back.

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2017 May 14 - 13:18

This is just so relaxing. It feels like a princess dreaming her days away in peaceful gardens. Like that moment of peace when you evaded the last OoT guard in the castle and found the courtyard

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2016 Sep 18 - 10:47

This was beautiful. Possibly the best Song of Storms I've ever heard, it just feels like a lonely Kokiri boy sitting in the rain, playing this song

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2016 Sep 18 - 10:44

So I requested this because I felt like something that reminded me of Fi and I am so glad I clicked on this one. It just was amazing. It had enough rock to feel like a swords theme song and was sad enough to remind me of the end of Skyward (why must Zelda games keep breaking my heart?!?) this song just brought all of i back

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2016 Sep 18 - 10:31

This is awesome, it goes from the happy-go-lucky Clock Town theme and just progresses into a faster, more tension filled piece every time they use that bell. It's like the first time playing Majora and the moon just kept getting closer but you couldn't do anything because you were just a deku scrub. It's the same tension

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 21:05

I really liked this, it had such a creepy atmosphere to it and then that slow wind down at the end was just the icing on the cake. Really well done!

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 18:27

I like it, and I had great fun picking out my favourite parts. It was obviously done by people that love Ocarina of Time and the metal versions were really good but soe of the transitions between different songs seemed a bit jarring.

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 18:19

A very soft but very well done rendition of the stone tower. i like how it speeds up half way through but it is a bit gentle for the stone tower.

Submitted by Nibelethe on Wed, 2014 Mar 19 - 15:07

I've always loved the theme to Kotake and Koume and this is a brilliant one. That laugh with the metal track just brings back that moment when I first defeated Twinrova, down on two hearts, no potions or fairies left and then the two witches got back up.