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Submitted by Magiobiwan on Tue, 2013 Sep 24 - 22:22

I found this. You might like it.[]%20-%20Windmill%20Gone%20Berserk%20(Unleashed).mp3

Submitted by Magiobiwan on Tue, 2013 Aug 06 - 23:53

This song is one of the best Minish Cap compilations/mixes I've heard so far. Minish Cap had some pretty darn good music. Overall the Zelda Games in general have great music, but some are better than others. I think that Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword (some of the songs are freaking AWESOME, others not so much), Twilight Princess, and Minish Cap had the BEST music out of ALL the games.

Submitted by Magiobiwan on Mon, 2013 Jul 15 - 06:59

I haven't downloaded it yet, but assuming it functions, I'll be SO HAPPY to be able to use this instead of the stream open in Safari/Chrome for iOS, where I'm unable to request and stuff. GREAT WORK GUYS!

Submitted by Magiobiwan on Tue, 2013 Jul 02 - 08:00

Yeah, this sounds more like the theme from PH to me as well. Unfortunately I traded in my PH chip for some stupid reason (AND I'D GOTTEN THE ENTIRE GOLD SHIP SET TOO!!!!!!!) for like... $3 credit at GameStop... So I can't compare easily! *goes off to headdesk multiple times*

Submitted by Magiobiwan on Tue, 2013 Jun 04 - 20:14

I find Spirit Tracks to have some of the best music out of all the Zelda Games. The Pan Flutes give it a different "feel" from the rest of the games, and the melody that is present in almost every song, changed slightly between each one so it doesn't get repetitive, ties them all together. I with ZREO had gotten to doing the Overworld and the "Troubled Realm" (the song that plays in a realm before you beat the Realm's temple) songs...