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Submitted by lykchen on Mon, 2014 Mar 17 - 21:01

I agree that social media integration is not as important as managing favorites. But it was much easier to add.
And because it came as a free update I think it's a bit unfair to be so angry about it...

Submitted by lykchen on Wed, 2013 Nov 13 - 10:07

Neither Radio Hyrule nor the app developers are actually companies. The station is a fan project, and the app exists for convenience and to support the project.

So why is only iOS supported so far?
When the staff called for mobile developers quite some time ago, some individuals volunteered, me being one of them. At that time I was merely playing around with iOS development out of pure interest. Why iOS? Because I had an iPhone. The Radio Hyrule app was an opportunity for me to build something meaningful from start to finish and support this great radio station.
Others started working on other platforms, but only the iOS app made it to the app store so far because it takes a significant amount of time to create these apps.

I hope this sheds some light on this—there never was an actual decision to support iOS first. This is just how it turned out to be.