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Submitted by Lightgazer on Tue, 2016 Mar 15 - 01:03

this is one of my favorite songs - sappy, but so incredible. i find myself listening to it again and again. i wish they could have made the movie this song was supposed to be in

Submitted by Lightgazer on Mon, 2015 Dec 21 - 18:58

If you like this song, you should check it out on youtube - as haunting as listening to this song is, watching the video that accompanies it is... wow, gave me chills

Submitted by Lightgazer on Mon, 2015 Jun 15 - 21:22

When I hear the song of storms - I usually expect energetic, upbeat electric music. This on the ther hand... gives me the chills in a good way

Submitted by Lightgazer on Sun, 2014 Oct 19 - 01:39

i like this song, and at the same time i hate it immensely. it's so sickeningly annoying that i just gotta hear it again