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Submitted by JediWannabe on Fri, 2012 Jun 08 - 05:37

I downloaded most of my Skyward tunes from Youtube. GilvaSunner has available about every piece of music from that game and many others. Are you guys allowed to use music straight from the game, or only remixes?

Submitted by JediWannabe on Tue, 2012 May 29 - 01:46

I've noticed a saddening lack of Skyward Sword music on the station. Can we expect that might change sometime in the near future? :]

Submitted by JediWannabe on Tue, 2011 Oct 18 - 18:00

Incredible! This is by far the most beautiful version of Lost Woods to date. I love how it gets really intense later into the song, and the instruments are all so gorgeous!