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Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Tue, 2021 May 18 - 05:25

This is one of my favorite songs on the entire site!! Man, this part of the game really hurt, but Linebeck became one of my fav characters because of it

By the way, does anyone know if it's possible to download this song?

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Tue, 2021 Mar 23 - 10:56

This song has literally played every single time I open Radio Hyrule the past few weeks, and it just played twice in less than two hours. This is honestly kinda terrifying, are the ghosts of the Royal Valley haunting this site or something-

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Tue, 2021 Mar 23 - 10:44

This song has a really nice feel to it! It's kinda nostalgic, it feels like a song that plays on the car radio when you're having fun on a nice day. The vocals were a really nice surprise! When it started playing, I thought it would be another instrumental!

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Tue, 2021 Mar 09 - 12:18

I’ve always really loved the songs by this artist! When I first joined Radio Hyrule, I really hated all the remixes because I just wanted to listen to orchestrated or original versions of Zelda music. But for some reason, whenever a song by Essence of Lime came on, it always made me really happy and excited? Because of that, I grew past my illogical resentment of Zelda remixes and started to love every song on this site! And I always get a burst of warmth and joy whenever I recognize a song from Hylian Lemon!! They have an easily recognizable style, so I know it’s them from the first few notes, even if I’ve never heard that particular song before

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Mon, 2021 Mar 08 - 05:39

This is a great song, but I had my volume up too loud and the moment when the song went from relaxing to intense nearly scared me out of my skin XD

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Thu, 2021 Mar 04 - 09:06

Molgera from Zelda Reorchestrated is playing right now, but the track isn't on here? When I try to click on it, my page just says "Access Denied." I guess it got taken down, but still got randomly chosen to play? Cool, what even are the chances of that?

Just sharing because I thought it was funny, and also because I'm spamming comments to make this site feel a bit more alive :P

No one's commented in a while... It feels lonely!

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Thu, 2021 Mar 04 - 08:46

If I add this song to my favorites, it'll move up to being the 46th most favorited song on this site instead of being tied! The power I now hold-

I'm having way too much fun with this, it takes very little to amuse me

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Thu, 2021 Mar 04 - 08:39

I was a bit hesitant to request a song that I've never heard before, but I'm glad I did! It's really nice, fun, and cheerful!

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Thu, 2021 Mar 04 - 08:35

OoT was my first Zelda game, so hearing this song always brings a smile to my face!

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Sun, 2019 Feb 10 - 05:26

It's been 4 years since that comment was posted and the same error is popping up when I try to request it. I really hope it will be fixed someday!

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Sun, 2019 Feb 03 - 10:07

The app stopped working a while ago because of a lack of updates. I really hope we'll be able to use this app again someday!

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Wed, 2019 Jan 30 - 06:52

It's a little repetitive, but I disagree with the other coments about this being boring. Sure, this isn't a song I would listen to for hours on end, but it's less than two minutes long, so it's enjoyable!

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Fri, 2019 Jan 25 - 04:21

This medley is truly incredible! Each LoZ song transitions perfectly into the next one. Every second of this over 15-minute song is enjoyable and packed with emotion! It's impossible to get bored of listening to it.