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Submitted by EzloSpirit on Mon, 2016 Apr 11 - 16:03

Praise the Golden Goddesses! Well done, folks! It's nice and stable, too!

I felt kind of deflated, though, when I saw that the only feature currently is streaming the station. I'm sure getting that working was pretty complicated, and I know development hit many a roadblock, but…the release feels premature; I can already stream RH using any number of other, free apps. The existing webpage for the app lists a whole slew of features for the iOS app that could pretty much replace the website on those devices.

Basically, as I mentioned, the release seems kinda premature. Granted, it's great to see the what's been accomplished so far, but there's nothing currently that really makes it a worthwhile purchase, other than, perhaps, its stability. (That said, I'm keeping it!)

Keep up the good work! Don't stop there!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sun, 2014 Nov 16 - 07:07

(Did this album really come out over four years ago? Yeesh!)

"Trouble at the Rave!" is one of those few EDM songs that is almost nauseatingly repetive and yet still manages to fall under the "catchy" category rather than the less impressive "SHUT-UP-ALREADY!" category. This can be owed in large part to its relatively short length and its pleasantly familiar B section that breaks up the main theme a couple times. Having heard this track and also fallen in love with it before ever hearing the source track from OoA, I simply cannot unhear the rave while being tossed to and fro on that raft…and the whole scenario just seems much less perilous and much more fun!

This unexpected yet fantastically-executed remix by Flexstyle has a great beat and a wildly addictive tune that prove that any video game theme, no matter how grim or urgent the original, can be made fun! A sensational, bass-pumping EDM VGM remix, and my personal favourite track from Essence of Lime which is saying a lot because EoL is loaded with some of my favourite remixes ever!

Lastly, this remix would make a FRAKKIN' AWESOME battle theme for some modern, real-time combat game. Just saying.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sun, 2013 Jul 28 - 00:40

Thanks for the tip, but I already have an app that plays Radio Hyrule relatively stably on my phone. I was actually asking if we will be seeing the OFFICIAL Radio Hyrule app on Android anytime soon.

For the record, The Windmill Hut (TSS's Zelda music show) is an awesome show!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sun, 2013 Jul 14 - 01:23

This is wonderful news! It has been a long time coming, and it is great to hear that an official Radio Hyrule app has been completed.

However, I have a problem: I don't have an iOS device; heck, I try not to touch anything with an Apple logo on it. As such, will we be seeing an Android app any time in the near- to nearish-future?

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Mon, 2013 May 06 - 02:06

ZREO is the official abbreviation for Zelda Reorchestrated. (Zelda REOrchestrated) Technically, it's pronounced "Z, R, E, O," but I've always pronounced it "zreo" because it's faster to say. And it sounds funnier. Auto-correct things give me heck with "ZREO," though; they all think I'm trying to type "zero," just as you did. XD

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Mon, 2013 May 06 - 01:11

Twilight Symphony is my favorite album. I am talking overall. It is literally my favorite album, above all of the Beatles albums and Pokémon albums and other albums I love dearly.

As a close follower of ZREO since the completion of its OoT collection in late 2009, and as a devout fan of Twilight Princess itself, I had been looking forward to the release of Twilight Symphony for years. When I learned that 500 (later 1500) limited physical editions of the project were going to be released to non-backers--regrettably, I did not have the means to donate money online until after the TS Kickstarter had already been closed for a few months--I grabbed my wallet and forked over $53 without a second thought. And when I learned that TS was not going to be distributed via iTunes and Amazon and Google Play and etc., which was at the same time I learned ZREO would be shutting down, tears actually came out of my eyes. Because I was sad that the thousands of fans who did not have physical editions would not be able to support ZREO with their own purchases of the digital album. Which is a shame, really.

The album itself: legendary. The mastering is so...just perfect, you feel like you are in a concert hall, watching a live orchestra playing the music. The live choir really adds to this effect, and this and the other live soloists add a level of depth to the music that would otherwise have been impossible to attain without them; this music is truly alive. The arrangements are even better than the sources', which really says something about the level of talent that the ZREO team members and the others who helped them--including, as I was pleased to discover, Skotein of Pokémon Reorchestrated--possess.

I truly regret having missed yesterday's premiere of the epic Twilight Symphony video to celebrate TS's Radio Hyrule launch. Wait. Video‽ Yeah, there's pretty much a movie, too. ZREO decided not to let any medium go to waste and took the time to record gameplay footage and smash it all together into a massive music video that spans more than three hours. That is dedication, right there.

ZREO: thank you. For Twilight Symphony. For everything you have done over the past 9 years. (But especially for Twilight Symphony!) You brought Zelda music into the mainstream gaming community. You gave the scores new life using your musical expertise and technological finesse. Twilight Symphony was your final boss, and you slaughtered it (or in friendlier Zelda terms, you banished it to the Dark World) by producing the finest tribute to video game music of all time.

Now, the legend may be coming to an end, but its legacy shall live on forevermore.
(P.S. Sorry for the massive wall of text. XD)

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Jul 06 - 00:19

Make it stop!

In all seriousness, this is one of the greatest ZREO arrangements ever. To be honest, the original track lacked the depth that it needed to truly make the gravity (lol) of the situation clear. ZREO's version...overdid it. In a good way. No, in a perfect way.

"Clock Town - Day 3" by Zelda Reorchestrated, now 100% guaranteed to give you nightmares for three nights after listening! Only zero dollars, zero cents, zero pounds, zero euros, zero pesos, zero rupees (lol), zero... (Gimme more like this, ZREO!)

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Jul 06 - 00:15

Give me the chills---and perhaps some tears---without fail every single time I hear it. This is one of ZREO's greatest yet simplest works. "The Final Hour" is absolutely HAUNTING. This arrangement also sounds like something right out of a movie soundtrack. It is wonderful. The audio quality surpasses most of the non-Redux tracks on the existing ZREO Majora's Mask album.

tl;dr This version should be in the game. Basically.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Thu, 2012 Jul 05 - 22:57

The only exceptions seem to be official arrangements, like the arranged tracks on the SSBB OST. But yeah, even those are not straight from their respective games.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Thu, 2012 Jul 05 - 22:56

Unfortunately, as Epicsword3 has said, the E3 Overture is not available on the 25th Anniversary Symphony CD that came with Skyward Sword. This overture contains some passages that can be heard as parts of tracks on that CD, but this is a totally separate arrangement from those heard on the CD. And it's a shame, really, because the CD lacks tracks that contain much diversity in tunes within them. I mean, that opening medley only contains about four or five different tunes. This overture contains at least seven.

But, yeah, Nintendo should do something about that. Glad it's on RH, though. It's absolutely wonderful. I think I almost cried while I was watching this live on G4 last year.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Thu, 2012 Jul 05 - 22:33

This has gotten stuck in my head way too many times. Why is it so addictive? And why can't I stop myself from dancing to it?

A fantastic disco-ish remix by GSlicer!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Wed, 2012 Apr 25 - 17:49

Couldn't resist. But in all seriousness, I see where you are coming from. However, to say that it does not have a place on RH is a little...wrong, for lack of a better word. Some people DO like rap---though I am typically not one of them. "Link to the Mask" is actually my favorite MM ReMix from OCR so far (out of the three or four I've heard). Again, I typically despise rap, but I suppose I have a soft spot for nerdcore, which is what this song is. It's somebody rapping about Zelda, not how he or she lives in a cruel world or what have you. That's why I can overlook this song's status as a rap song.

If it has a place on OCR, it has a place here; RH is a radio stream of ALL kinds of Zelda remixes! That said, I can still attest to the opinion that there are better songs on RH.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sat, 2012 Apr 14 - 22:55

Have a Link. Er, link.


Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sat, 2012 Apr 14 - 22:34

Copied from a comment I made on a related post on Zelda Universe:

This song is in my 40 Greatest ZREO Reorchestrations YT playlist. It took a rather boring and overly repetitive theme and made it variable, and in a beautiful way that included the energy of the original piece while adding a bit more to make one heck of a battle theme! Quite possibly the greatest ZREO arrangement of a battle theme.

(original comment: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/zelda-news/a-link-to-the-past-boss-battle-theme-orchestrated/#IDComment337747545)

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sat, 2012 Apr 14 - 22:25

As one of the only (if not THE only) fully orchestrated pieces in TP, "Don't Want You No More" stood as a perfect example of what could be done music-wise on the then-new Wii. Five years later, this would be the musical format for an entire Zelda game!

As a song, "Don't Want You No More" is probably the greatest trailer music ever composed for a Zelda game. It takes the style of the game's music, along with some other, more classic Zelda themes, and mashes them together in a brilliant, beautiful way. While the piece's title baffles me (and bugs me, the grammar nazi)---perhaps it's just a weird translation thing---I treasure this song, and it was a good omen of things to come.

By the way, in case you were unaware, you can watch the trailer (and hear "Don't Want You No More" in the game itself by waiting for the title sequence to play through and then waiting a few seconds. Totally worth it, even if you have already beaten the game!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sat, 2012 Apr 14 - 20:28

Sorry, I made a mistake there. The actual URL is www.theherooftime.com. Enjoy!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Mar 16 - 18:20

"A Legend Told" is the music played during the end credits in the widely publicized OoT fan film The Hero of Time. It plays right after another fantastic piece, "Going Back," plays during the final scene, making the end of this movie a wonderful musical experience!

It takes the energy of the film and its musical themes, expertly weaves them all together, and comes out as one of the most beautiful Zelda-inspired melodies ever composed by a fan. A brilliant way to end an almost-as-brilliant film, and a perfect example of just how amazing Powell's film score really is!

Unfortunately, this song is not available as part of the soundtrack/album as offered on the official film website. However, it can be downloaded from Newgrounds by visiting Powell's profile on NG (http://setu-firestorm.newgrounds.com) and going to the audio tab.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Mar 16 - 18:08

George R. Powell is one of the great independent orchestral remixers of our day. His work on the short-lived---grr, Nintendo---but impressive fan-made film The Hero of Time, composing/arranging the entire score, is brilliant and beautiful and perfectly captured the spirit of the music that inspired it. The same can be said for most of his many other Zelda remixes, as well. His work on other games, such as his amazing ReMix of the Metroid Prime 3 theme ("Corrupted Beginnings") as featured on the Shinesparkers' tribute album, "Harmony of a Hunter," carries over the same beauty and style, matching the atmospheres of the source materials with almost spot-on accuracy.

I would love to see Mr. Powell do another film score for a fan movie or perhaps a fan game!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Mar 16 - 17:56

If you are talking about the HoT soundtrack, it won't be on iTunes. The album is free on the official movie website, www.herooftime.com. Some tracks are missing, though. You can get those (also free) from George R. Powell's Newgrounds page (setu-firestorm.newgrounds.com).

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Mar 16 - 17:43

DarkeSword is one of (if not the best of) my favorite ReMixers (OCR). His ReMixes shine across all styles, and a lot of my favorite ReMixes were done by him. His work on OCR's Kirby album "Rise of the Star," which he actually directed, is outstanding ("Final Flight" is probably my favorite ReMix). His Zelda ReMixes, especially "Ancient Hero," are also amazing!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Mar 16 - 17:35

Simply one of the best Zelda ReMix on OCR! DarkeSword is brilliant.