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Submitted by EnsignCheckov on Thu, 2014 Apr 10 - 16:11

I don't think is the right song, but there was a great bay temple remix in here as well as part of the last majora fight, Zora's Domain and even some music from the dancers in clock town. I have been looking for a great bay remix, can someone tell me if this song is the one that has it or is there somewhere else I can find one.

Submitted by EnsignCheckov on Wed, 2014 Mar 19 - 17:04

Why is no one talking about this masterpiece. Amazing music dude, def one the best composers on the site imho.

Submitted by EnsignCheckov on Wed, 2014 Mar 12 - 20:36

Was not expecting song to get so loud so quickly. My ears are bleeding :(