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Submitted by COVERT on Thu, 2012 Aug 09 - 13:58

OK. I watched Part 1. Here are my real feelings. The producers of this film have done far more than I have with the ideas floating around in my head, and that is an accomplishment. However, by the time I got to 1:38 in Part 2 I was done. could I die today without ever finishing the next two parts and have no regrets? Yes. In the interest of professionalism I did watch the conclusion. I will say this, my kids love watching me play the games, but I won't let my six-year-old watch this, and that is all I'm going to allude to with that. Zelda/Sheik is pretty, Navi is cute-but just as annoying as she is in the game-Biff (Ganon) Tannen puts me at a loss for words, and I just don't like the sneer on the face of Link (the Hero of Time) Eastwood. Lack of Hollywood budgets aside, the story doesn't grab me and make me want to know what happens next, the cursing. There's a map, a boomerang, and a mysterious tattoo, but it takes more than the parts to make a whole. I applaud the effort of these individuals no doubt, but I just didn't have any fun with this.