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Submitted by Calum the Zelda... on Sat, 2018 Mar 31 - 20:47

I was looking back at the comments I've made and this was one that stuck out because of how sour I was. I must have been having a really bad day or something. Geez...

Submitted by Calum the Zelda... on Mon, 2016 May 16 - 21:31

There are actually 18 Zelda games and that's common knowledge to any Zelda fan really. I meant to say that Spirit Tracks was high up on my Top 10 list, and I said that it may surprise because I know that Spirit Tracks is underrated and honestly unappreciated among Zelda fans.

Submitted by Calum the Zelda... on Thu, 2014 Mar 06 - 11:54

this may surprise a few people but this game is on my top 10 list. I love the soundtrack dungeons tower of spirits and characters it was my 3rd Zelda game and i love it. this game is very close to my heart!