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Submitted by BobtheKeeper on Thu, 2014 Jun 19 - 05:31

This is a perfect remix and really evokes the emotions I had when playing Skyward Sword, to say the least. Gorgeous instrumentation. Even if Ballad of the Goddess is not my favorite, this arrangement makes it a favorite! (if that makes sense)

Submitted by BobtheKeeper on Sun, 2013 Sep 22 - 20:33

I really like this arrangement! Very haunting yet beautiful, one of the best dark world arrangements.

Submitted by BobtheKeeper on Fri, 2013 Jan 25 - 02:03

It's a dungeon medley:
Cave (ALttP)
Light World Dungeon (ALttP)
Cave (Link's Awakening)
Bottle Grotto (Link's Awakening)
Dungeon (Adventure of Link) <--This is used in Smash Bros Melee
Dungeon (Legend of Zelda)