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Submitted by blhand26 on Sat, 2014 Apr 12 - 01:44

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! I love this kind of stuff. I'll definitely be attending this class regularly! *thumbs up* :)

Submitted by blhand26 on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 02:44

Can we please use the new user vote thing to disable people from playing this song unless the majority of 57% or more vote to play it. I'd appreciate that so much, especially when the song request wait time is "absurdly long"

Submitted by blhand26 on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 02:18

Also it'd be great if I could edit my favorites in the "my favorites" page. It'd be nice to able to organize the songs alphabetically, by artists, or just in my personal ranking order.

On a completely different note: When I use to listen online and clicked on "mainstream" it would go straight to iTunes and play it through there. Now it does what it use to do: jump to the and take me away from the home page. If I can't go through iTunes anymore than it'd be nice to have the "mainstream" page open up in a different tab instead of replacing the window I'm on.

Submitted by blhand26 on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 02:05

One time i had to wait a whole hour and a half. The usual wait time for me is about an hour. If it's ever under an hour I actually have a chance to listen to the song I requested! (I'm on the go a lot) It would be great to reduce wait time on songs users request and to be able to requests songs again if they haven't been played within the hour. Many times I log in to listen right after all my favorites have been played and have no chance of listening to them that day. :(

I'm not sure about this whole voting thing. I'd like a bit clearer of an explanation of it, which I'm sure we will get when they are closer to implementing the change. What would be real great is if each user could have their own person rating system to remind them which songs they did or didn't like. I'd find that real useful personally. That way when I'm browsing the library to look for new-to-me songs I don't accidentally request something that I actually had listened to before and didn't like. Yes, I know we have the favorites list, but I'm not going to put every single song that was decent or I didn't mind hearing; only special songs go on there.

Submitted by blhand26 on Sat, 2013 Sep 21 - 20:48

Wow...just wow. I listened to this and my jaw dropped. You did good ZREO, as always. :)

Submitted by blhand26 on Wed, 2011 Nov 23 - 10:13

The same thing happened to me when I first heard the song a while back. It was either new or popular a couple of years ago and it seemed like it was on ALL the time. I got headaches from listening to it. Eventually I got mega sick of the song. LOL Every time I saw that it came on I muted my volume till it was over. Oddly enough it brings back good memories, so I will now listen to it with an open mind. Hope I like it. :)

(After listening to the song) Wasn't so horrible, in fact it was pretty good. Glad I listened to it again, but the tag is correct when it says "absurdly long". Hahaha Is now in my favorites so I know where it is when I'm in the mood to listen to it. :)

Submitted by blhand26 on Wed, 2011 Aug 24 - 07:29

OMW I LOVE THIS SONG!!! She sings so beautifully, and the harmonies...OMW This is the Themple of Time done right!!