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Submitted by Befu on Tue, 2014 May 20 - 21:17

There's actually an interesting theory to that, as to why they removed the chanting. It's quite fascinating. Check here:

Submitted by Befu on Mon, 2014 Apr 21 - 17:44

It's not necessarily his job. :) He was a music major in college, but right now he's a Database administrator for his work. Of course he's a Zelda fan! What Zelda fan wouldn't marry another Zelda fan? ;D (kidding of course.. There are plenty lol)

Submitted by Befu on Fri, 2014 Apr 18 - 22:58

Yay! :D

If you want, I can still give a commentary on what the singer is doing wrong with his voice. My husband is trained to pick out errors like that. :)

Submitted by Befu on Fri, 2014 Apr 18 - 21:08

I can't stand the singer... :( He sounds unprofessional. I love that there are lyrics, but eh.... Let's have someone with a trained voice sing these beloved Zelda songs, shall we? :)

Submitted by Befu on Fri, 2014 Apr 18 - 21:04

He doesn't sound confident in his singing ability (it shows through his vibrato, making it sound like he's nervous), he sounds whiny, and flat. XD I don't think he's using his vibrato to his advantage. When my husband gets home, I'll have him listen to the song and point out what the guy is doing wrong with his voice.

Submitted by Befu on Thu, 2014 Apr 17 - 17:04

I'm sorry, but his vibrato sounds shaky, like he's nervous. I like the song, but I think another group could sing it better. IMHO.