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Submitted by Acubed on Tue, 2020 Jul 07 - 05:44

Yeah, we added two albums earlier this year and have been busy upgrading behind the scenes stuff.
I only get about one day a week to work on this but hopefully some new stuff will be out soon.
If you have anything you'd like to see, or anything we're missing, shoot us a message with the Contact Us form.

Submitted by Acubed on Fri, 2013 Mar 08 - 18:30

The artist has been renamed to Yoann Turpin:

The original songs in the library need to be relabeled.

Submitted by Acubed on Tue, 2012 Jul 31 - 10:28

Because I can :)
Every once in a while when I've queued up a long list of songs (usually new additions), I'll tack the Sun's Song Station ID onto the beginning and end. It gives it a sort of "Hey something special is about to happen" formality.

It appears to have been requested exactly five times. Now that I think about it I don't know how that's possible, it's almost always a "recently played" song.

Maybe if you found/produced a gap of several hours where it's not played, and you knew how to work the requesting API, then yeah, users could request it. ;)

Submitted by Acubed on Sat, 2012 Jul 21 - 09:26

This is quite a unique arrangement, isn't it. It has some elements of Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess) but it's... clearly a different melody. Take how the overworld theme of Majora's Mask, Termina Field, is a re-worked Overworld, the main melody of The Legend of Zelda.

The artist claims the melody is one that didn't end up making it into Twilight Princess. I'm unaware of such a song if it exists!

Submitted by Acubed on Mon, 2012 Jul 09 - 20:47

Check your mail for a response, or re-send us your message from the contact form. Sorry about that, thanks!

Submitted by Acubed on Sat, 2012 Jun 02 - 03:20

It's a relatively new game so it's not as flushed out as, say, Ocarina of Time. But send us some good Skyward Sword tunes and we'll get them on :)
See the contact form:

Submitted by Acubed on Wed, 2012 May 23 - 03:08

That's right, hence the giant egg in the album art.

I'll try and tag the rest of the songs in this album...

Submitted by Acubed on Thu, 2012 May 03 - 08:29

This was in my collection long before OCRemix picked it up. I never thought I'd like lyrics set to Zelda music.

I was wrong.

Submitted by Acubed on Thu, 2011 Oct 20 - 05:46

We play variations of "Fairy's Fountain" to indicate technical problems with the stream, this is the song that indicates that the stream generator isn't functioning, so it freaks me out whenever it does actually legitimately come on xD