The Final Hour

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Submitted by dontdithishome on Sat, 2012 May 12 - 12:49

So Sad...

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Jul 06 - 00:15

Give me the chills---and perhaps some tears---without fail every single time I hear it. This is one of ZREO's greatest yet simplest works. "The Final Hour" is absolutely HAUNTING. This arrangement also sounds like something right out of a movie soundtrack. It is wonderful. The audio quality surpasses most of the non-Redux tracks on the existing ZREO Majora's Mask album.

tl;dr This version should be in the game. Basically.

Submitted by RadioDemise on Sat, 2012 Sep 08 - 22:46

What you said.

Submitted by link time hero on Thu, 2012 Dec 20 - 07:58

this will be played to no end tommrow 12/21/12 cause of the whole end of the world thing

Submitted by dontdithishome on Mon, 2013 Apr 22 - 18:25

I actually played it like 10 times :D

Submitted by Chasmira1060 on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 13:08

One of the most emotional songs from a very emotional game; I'll be honest in that I don't favor some of Majora's Mask's temples. But the characters, story, and music like this make it the brilliant game it is.