Temple of Droplets

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Submitted by Wolfygirl on Tue, 2014 Feb 18 - 20:43

This is honestly my favorite zelda dungeon theme. Very beautiful and kinda mysterious. Minish cap isn't very known with zelda fans which is kind of sad to me because its a great game. Probably my third favorite zelda game.

Submitted by TheTruthDE on Mon, 2016 Jan 25 - 09:09

I think the game itself is very well known and respected under zelda fans. I know many people, who actually see Minish Cap as their favourite. Well it's on the third place of my favs actually.
Just the music is really underrated in my opinion because it's really awesome and has the best soundtrack of all handheld titles.
Better and with more...ground than Triforce Heroes or ALBW.