Stone Tower Temple

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Submitted by DarkZoraLink on Sat, 2012 Mar 31 - 01:36

I just love this song! It's so mysterious.

Submitted by EbonyDragon on Thu, 2012 Jul 05 - 18:23

I just love Stone Tower Temple! Given, it's a pain in the tunic (haha) but it truly is my favourite temple and the song! Terrific Job!

Submitted by whoaamerica on Sat, 2012 Jul 14 - 20:25

chuggaconroy, I think, a great LPer for Majora's Mask did a great theory about the history of the Stone Tower Temple and such. I think you should look his LP of Majora's Mask on YouTube and listen to it.

Submitted by heroscreed on Fri, 2012 Oct 05 - 20:43

i have watch many of his LPs and i have watch that one as he put it up. I agree with his theory. it makes scene and its a amazing LP over all