Bremen Mask

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Submitted by Sage of Time on Sat, 2014 Feb 08 - 19:47

The bremen mask is a small example of how messed up the lives of Terminans are in Majora's Mask. The song that plays while using this mask's abilities is a marching tune, which symbolises how people either turn to authority (some form of leader, which could be a government official, god, or cult leader) or become anarchists (and thus do not “play fallow the leader” during a metaphorical marching tune). The album art depicts an apocalypse, which defiantly counts as a crisis. Therefore, the cover does match the song.

Submitted by Dark_Link on Tue, 2014 Sep 16 - 01:20

This song plays like every day! This part was so annoying for me when I played the game xD!!!