Majora's Wrath

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Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2013 Apr 16 - 00:03

Again, all I can say is... Wow.

Just the sheer emotion...

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Thu, 2013 Apr 18 - 22:56


This is my favorite album since day one.

Submitted by Captain_Trina on Sat, 2013 Apr 20 - 19:35

But WHICH Day One?

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Mon, 2013 Aug 19 - 23:53

Well played... :P

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Wed, 2014 Feb 12 - 19:26

...Nice. lol

Submitted by IceDragon1395 on Sat, 2013 May 04 - 15:50

This song is terrifyingly wonderful. But now I'm scared.........

Submitted by biolink on Sun, 2013 Jun 09 - 11:03

I´m scared

Submitted by link68130 on Mon, 2013 Aug 19 - 22:15

This song sounds like it's straight from a horror movie O.O ......

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Mon, 2013 Aug 19 - 22:19

that was the 1st time ive EVER heard that song and it made me think that BEN was behind me. i felt a tap on my shoulder and almost screamed cuz i thought it was the horror we call BEN. but turns out it was my mom XD

very well done

Submitted by Serenia on Mon, 2013 Sep 16 - 17:22

You. Yes you. Damn you. It took me ages to forget!

Submitted by Burnt_spaghetti on Mon, 2013 Sep 30 - 04:52

This song makes me want to run away screaming in terror. Especially the laughing.AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (Awesome tho :P)

Submitted by iylila on Mon, 2013 Oct 07 - 05:23

This sounds like the stuff of nightmares :|

Submitted by Hammy on Mon, 2013 Oct 07 - 22:52

This song is pretty stinkin' awesome.

Submitted by Sage of Time on Sun, 2013 Oct 13 - 21:47

This song... Never listen to this in a dark alleyway on Friday the 13th... I love how the song overlays cherry and creepy music :)

Submitted by LugiaTheWIse96 on Wed, 2013 Nov 20 - 19:05

Awesomely scary!

Submitted by Deku Sages on Thu, 2013 Dec 19 - 03:40

This song is so deliciously Majora's Mask, I can't stop listening to it! Has to be my favorite track on the album! >v<

Submitted by nevets1027 on Sat, 2014 Feb 08 - 17:28

too scary

Submitted by cacoe_man on Tue, 2014 Mar 18 - 17:23

this song is just soooooo creepy. if that was the writers intent than he achieved it 10 times over.

Submitted by Lyric_Musical on Sat, 2014 Apr 26 - 17:45

That terror. o.o its like you can feel it crawling up your spine.

Submitted by Kendall916 on Sat, 2015 Aug 01 - 15:52

Creepy in a good way!

Submitted by Wesley_1900 on Wed, 2015 Oct 07 - 20:28

Wow this song is awesome!

Submitted by Onoboys77 on Sun, 2017 Sep 10 - 16:03

So creepy when i requested it after it was done it glitched out and played it again and it said i requested it again but you can only request the same one every 48 hours weird

Submitted by Ilovegreek on Fri, 2018 Feb 23 - 19:08

This song is actually creepy, it gave me chills, but it's still one of my favorites.