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Submitted by MustasLinked on Fri, 2015 Oct 16 - 03:45

The Awesomeness level.. Is over.. 9000....

Submitted by Are You Fat on Sat, 2016 Feb 20 - 19:17

I found this website because of this remix

Submitted by Nibelethe on Sun, 2016 Sep 18 - 10:44

So I requested this because I felt like something that reminded me of Fi and I am so glad I clicked on this one. It just was amazing. It had enough rock to feel like a swords theme song and was sad enough to remind me of the end of Skyward (why must Zelda games keep breaking my heart?!?) this song just brought all of i back

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Tue, 2016 Nov 15 - 01:47

I really like this song. I just hope that Nintendo doesn't pull the whole, Love to hate, begrudgingly admire, inseparable companion, poof. I mean, was it really necessary to do that with so many games? (not Navi) I still get choked up when Midna leaves, and I just can't believe I miss Fi!

Also, this is Fi's Theme, and should be tagged as such.