Gerudo Valley (Acoustic)

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Submitted by Wyst on Mon, 2014 Jun 02 - 03:15

This acoustic version of Gerudo Valley made me stop working and look it up, it's just that good. :-D

Submitted by zora_domainer on Fri, 2015 Apr 24 - 14:54

I had the same reaction! I love listening to this at work. Thank goodness for earbuds because my co-workers don't appreciate it nearly as much as I do.

Submitted by Mim on Tue, 2014 Jun 10 - 13:19

...awesome. I pictured a road trip for some reason.

Submitted by Jj1042 on Sun, 2015 Apr 26 - 16:29

This a fantastic rendition of Gerudo Valley! The instruments and the echo of the song you created blend perfectly. If I could donate, I would.