Final Hours

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Submitted by Hylianboy645 on Tue, 2015 Sep 29 - 20:17

This song is awesome especcially that drop at the 1:50 mark

Submitted by Aram on Mon, 2016 Sep 26 - 16:58

The drop is indeed awesome, although it just startled me. The volume was a bit high, hehe.

Submitted by ganfidog on Sat, 2016 Feb 20 - 19:08

the system just glitched and put it on repeat. Even the computer knows whats up hahah

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2016 Feb 21 - 06:14

I doubt the "system glitched"
Another user must have requested it after you did and used a request token to do so. Another likely option is that you requested it twice using a request token of your own, if you own any.

Submitted by ganfidog on Sun, 2016 Feb 21 - 16:58

I personally did not request it, but it played twice in a row and that's a win win, for me

Submitted by shumoko on Sun, 2019 Jul 21 - 13:35

I have noticed that if you select request multiple times before the page loads it will que up that many instances of the song, i've done this before with stone tower temple and just the other week i was dropping off a co-worker, had to walk him through the process of requesting a song, i forgot to mention this and we had Alien Assult play like 4 times in a row.

Submitted by Barry Ronald on Sat, 2016 Aug 13 - 11:37

This song is awesome especcially that drop at the 1:50 mark. Love You. Here