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Submitted by Hammy on Fri, 2013 Jan 25 - 00:35

Maybe because it probably is played on a LoZ stage. ;)

Submitted by Hero-of-Time4967 on Fri, 2013 Jan 25 - 02:02

i knew it was it was just funny because i just finished playing it and then this son comes up.

Submitted by BobtheKeeper on Fri, 2013 Jan 25 - 02:03

It's a dungeon medley:
Cave (ALttP)
Light World Dungeon (ALttP)
Cave (Link's Awakening)
Bottle Grotto (Link's Awakening)
Dungeon (Adventure of Link) <--This is used in Smash Bros Melee
Dungeon (Legend of Zelda)

Submitted by Hero-of-Time4967 on Fri, 2013 Jan 25 - 02:04

thanks for the info it is nice knowing what im listening to in remixes

Submitted by Hammy on Fri, 2013 Apr 05 - 14:48

I'm pretty sure that this is the recording from the concert in Orlando FL that I was at. If you listen carefully at the beginning, you can here a little bit of audience laughter. I recall that the crowd laughed at the concert in Orlando right at that part. :)

Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2013 Dec 12 - 14:12

Dark link took the master sword of time and played a warp flute while listening to dubstep and falling into a pit before fighting a room full of darknuts. he walked out unscathed eating a cookie and breaking every pot in sight. he then went on to wait in the water temple for link and Ruto to come and have a nice cup of tea. But the tea was terrible so link got angry and challanged Dark to a duel. Ruto got confuzed and ran into an invisible wall, knocking herself out and drawing both link's attention. they then proceded to use the awakening wind fish to wake her up!!! thus link defeated Himself and beat the temple. and Ruto, still confused, tried to marry Dark. `Navi got lost in the forest temple and died. twice... needless to say, it failed. but thats beside the point. Im seric... boredom has done this to me!