Sailing Theme

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Submitted by Shiron on Mon, 2011 Aug 15 - 05:15

Really great take on the sailing theme! It makes me want to play Wind Waker over and over and over...

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2012 May 15 - 21:28

Interestingly, I think this actually sounds more like the sailing theme from Phantom Hourglass than WW... Still a great song though!

Submitted by Magiobiwan on Tue, 2013 Jul 02 - 08:00

Yeah, this sounds more like the theme from PH to me as well. Unfortunately I traded in my PH chip for some stupid reason (AND I'D GOTTEN THE ENTIRE GOLD SHIP SET TOO!!!!!!!) for like... $3 credit at GameStop... So I can't compare easily! *goes off to headdesk multiple times*