Eye of the Storm

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Submitted by Alden Duquette on Sat, 2013 Oct 19 - 02:33

Bad puns aside, according to OCRemix.org, this song is not only a remix of the Song of Storms, but also has "Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area" from Super Metroid in it too. So far I have not been able to detect any direct link to that tune, other than having similar atmospheres, but not for want of trying. That said, this is a very well-down remix (even though that is going to keep driving me insane until I find it....)

Submitted by Sage of Time on Wed, 2014 Jan 29 - 23:34

In the calm of the storm, one is at peace, and is able to be free to let one's thoughts wander, while the surounding area is in chaos.
In the calm of the storm, one weights for his or her eventual fate.
There are no worries, not here, not now.
Only peace.
And when fate finally comes, when one is finally consumed by the awesome and unstopable power of Mother Nature, than one worries no more.