The Predicament of the Four

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Submitted by Wyst on Wed, 2014 May 07 - 03:15

This is amazing! There is so much power in the choral harmonies. I am swept along with the story. I am in awe!

Submitted by Wyst on Mon, 2014 Jul 07 - 15:48

...But I just got goosebumps listening to this again!

Submitted by Nintendo64Ever on Thu, 2014 May 22 - 04:59

Holy crap that was awesome!

Submitted by Sage of Time on Tue, 2014 May 27 - 00:07

As soon as I heard this, I fell in love wit the song. It perfectly matches the atmosphere of those final hours, the rus to save Termina.

Submitted by DannyTennysonArcia. on Mon, 2014 Jul 07 - 15:47

My favorite title of Zelda series is Majora's Mask, and the choir, the sax, ohhh... This is too cool! I've never listen something like this!! And those bell hits... It's amazing!!

Submitted by Themadddoctor on Wed, 2015 Feb 04 - 01:02

i fell asleep listening to this song one night, and then the end happened. It snapped me awake, and i honestly thought i had died, cause i did not feel my heart beat at all.
10/10 would die again.