IGN Zelda Movie Trailer Score

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Submitted by Epicsword3 on Sat, 2012 Mar 10 - 01:39


Submitted by the1zeldafan on Thu, 2012 May 24 - 16:25

there was never a zelda movie it was a fake made by ign because their evil so they made this zelda movie trailer witch looked real but was fake and had no intension of ever being made sadly today nintedo has not said anything of a zelda movie but it is still a possibility if we bug nintedo enough

Submitted by Zeldawesome224 on Tue, 2012 Oct 23 - 21:23

plus they took it down to avoid a lawsuit from nintendo.

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Wed, 2012 Oct 24 - 04:11

i think you can download it off of demonoid but i dont remember :/

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 Sep 19 - 16:47

A Peter Jackson-esque Zelda movie would be pretty sweet. :)

Submitted by SolarFusion on Sat, 2014 Sep 06 - 15:52

I think you mean Percy Jackson?

If that was what you meant then I disagree. They ruined the Percy Jackson story with the movies.

Submitted by Tuosev on Fri, 2014 Sep 12 - 20:11

I'm pretty sure he meant Peter Jackson, as in the director of The Lord of Rings trilogy, and now The Hobbit movies as well. And I agree, that would be totally kick***

Submitted by XOrdinary on Wed, 2012 Sep 19 - 16:47

This music is amazing...I sooo wish they'd have actually made the movie. It would've definitely been something worth making. And they know it, too, because they've said it (I think).

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2012 Oct 23 - 21:50

Actually, after their failure, and might I say it was an EPIC failure, at a Super Mario Bros. movie/tv show several years back, Nintendo declared they wouldn't try adapting their games into movies again anytime soon. So they basically said the opposite of that. :P

Submitted by XOrdinary on Tue, 2012 Oct 23 - 22:17

Nintendo didn't have anything to do with the trailer, as far as I know. It was specifically IGN who said it.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2012 Oct 24 - 01:04

Oh, you meant IGN... I thought you meant Nintendo :P I know Nintendo didn't have anything to do with the trailer, I just misunderstood. I just know that if IGN said that, Nintendo said the opposite, and Nintendo's in charge, so... *sigh* :(

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2012 Oct 24 - 20:46

Well, you can't really blame them... that Mario movie was reeeeeaaaaally bad... :P

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Tue, 2012 Oct 23 - 23:25

Yeah. That trailer was put up as an April Fool's joke. Although the trailer was epically amazing, there are no plans for any Zelda movie anytime soon. Chances are, any rumors of a movie are another April Fool's.

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Wed, 2012 Oct 24 - 04:09

and if you ment the IGN then yea it was a joke XD

Submitted by Lifeoflink on Mon, 2013 Sep 30 - 18:55

"The Hero of Time" is a fanmade movie by a group of fans independent from IGN. The IGN trailer was released on April 1 several years ago by IGN as an April Fools joke, much to my and many other Zelda fans' dismay. IGN did a great job on that trailer.

Submitted by Korora on Sun, 2013 Apr 14 - 21:41

This is so awesome! I wish the movie were real.

Submitted by NinFan237 on Wed, 2015 Mar 18 - 03:32

umm...actually I read somewhere on the internet's that Netflix is making a series of the Legend of Zelda right now. Whether it'll be live action or animated or focusing on the original game, OoT, A Link to the Past, Skyward Sword we don't know yet. Still, everyone pray to the Goddess's and hope that this doesn't end up like the cartoon back in the 80's (or 90's? IDK)