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Submitted by Starlight199 on Mon, 2015 Feb 02 - 23:41

Just because you don't like the song doesn't make it terrible. I happen to like this song. If you don't like it, then don't listen to it.

Submitted by Nemenya on Thu, 2015 Apr 09 - 21:47

I saw you requesting it and liked it, I see nothing wrong with the notes at all and I've been in Band for years.

Submitted by Starlight199 on Tue, 2015 Apr 14 - 06:08

You're welcome, I guess. I've never really been in any musical group, but I just don't see anything wrong with the song. It's upbeat and catchy. I was just upset by the fact that the guy I commented to earlier was saying that this song should be removed just because they didn't like it.

Submitted by GanonTARDIS on Thu, 2016 Feb 04 - 20:26

Just a not-too-smart person who thinks that just because he doesn't enjoy a song that it is bad and should be removed. I favorited it 1/8 way through, which I don't really do... I love this song.