Orchestra Piece #1

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Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sat, 2012 Apr 14 - 22:25

As one of the only (if not THE only) fully orchestrated pieces in TP, "Don't Want You No More" stood as a perfect example of what could be done music-wise on the then-new Wii. Five years later, this would be the musical format for an entire Zelda game!

As a song, "Don't Want You No More" is probably the greatest trailer music ever composed for a Zelda game. It takes the style of the game's music, along with some other, more classic Zelda themes, and mashes them together in a brilliant, beautiful way. While the piece's title baffles me (and bugs me, the grammar nazi)---perhaps it's just a weird translation thing---I treasure this song, and it was a good omen of things to come.

By the way, in case you were unaware, you can watch the trailer (and hear "Don't Want You No More" in the game itself by waiting for the title sequence to play through and then waiting a few seconds. Totally worth it, even if you have already beaten the game!

Submitted by MacaqueAttack713 on Sun, 2013 Aug 18 - 19:46

I love listening to this song so much at the title screen, I memorized which scenes of the game were playing when. Now whenever I hear this song, I can picture the scenes in my head as I conduct and hum along.

Submitted by lulles on Tue, 2013 Sep 03 - 06:33

Really beautiful and epic piece. But I've always wondered, why is it called "Don't Want You No More"?

Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2014 Jan 22 - 18:53

look at it this way... doesn't it seem like something that would play at a time where people are parting on somewhat uncertain terms even thought neither Really want to leave in the beginning of the song?

Submitted by Jedi4232 on Tue, 2014 Oct 14 - 16:17

One of the best Zelda songs done by Nintendo. Why they didn't use this as credits for Skyward Sword or something (orchestrated game), I dunno, but it's just amazing. Amazing, and man, that oboe part at the beginning makes me wanna play the violin to the song.

Submitted by Adventureless_Hero on Mon, 2015 Sep 07 - 00:27

Years later I still am moved by this song. It evokes all those warm feels I have for the Legend of Zelda franchise. ^w^

Submitted by Zebrasuar on Fri, 2015 Sep 25 - 14:53

this song at some points reminds me of my favorite anime fullmetal alchemist brotherhood