Oath to Order

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Submitted by SageNabooru on Tue, 2012 Nov 13 - 15:58

i like Majora's Mask a lot, the music even more but oath to order wasn't my favorite from the game and i can't say what is

Submitted by nekogirl119 on Thu, 2013 Jan 17 - 15:57

This..is the music that completely hits all the right emotion...It's a song full of sorrow, a song perfect to recall the amazing life of someone or something that changed history..and that someone, that something, is Nintendo power. for 25 years, it was the single-handedly best magazine. We love you, NP, and thank you, to the staff who made is so great. We will never forget you.

Submitted by ArrowPewPew on Sat, 2014 Mar 22 - 05:04

Listening to this during a thunderstorm.. Okay, now for my deep, nerdy reaction to this song.:
It somehow gets me thinking about the sorrows of life, but also the beauties of it all as well. >_> Hmmm... Beautiful =)

Submitted by Zora Hero on Sun, 2014 Dec 14 - 13:14

Wheee =D This comes as a surprise for me. I listend to this song over and over again on youtube during the last weeks and never thought I'd come across it here on this page so soon after registering.
Great piece of music! I love it!