Kotake and Koume's Theme

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Submitted by Ganondork on Fri, 2013 May 03 - 22:07

I've always thought this was a fun song, and one of the better arrangements of Kotake and Koume's theme.

Submitted by Serenia on Tue, 2013 Sep 17 - 11:03

I agree, it's... mishievious, as I've called it before!

Submitted by AnnaSheikah on Sun, 2014 Dec 07 - 22:11

I love this! It makes me want to dance every single time I hear it. :D

Submitted by Filink on Sun, 2015 Feb 15 - 13:40

Its One of my Favorites <3

Submitted by omgitsmonika on Thu, 2016 Feb 18 - 02:20

Did anyone else hear the Spirited Away music in this? Awesome!