Great Fairy's Fountain

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Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Mon, 2014 Aug 04 - 17:04

I like how they add their own unique flourishes to this song.

Submitted by Freshnezz on Wed, 2014 Aug 06 - 12:50

Really nice... love the violins

Submitted by Jedi4232 on Fri, 2014 Oct 31 - 16:32

Those violins add a whole new dimension to this song!So wonderful. I hope to play like this someday!!! The song is super good! Thank you so much MOKA!

Submitted by WolfMutt on Sun, 2016 Feb 21 - 06:36

I seriously never thought i could. ive never really likes the fairy fountain songs but now there is atleast one i like :)