A Handful of Rupees

Tags: guitar
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Submitted by unholylink on Mon, 2014 Nov 24 - 15:39

this is such a freaking happy tune :D

Submitted by Mim on Thu, 2014 Nov 27 - 18:32

really like the western style, sounds great!

Submitted by Shadedleaf on Thu, 2015 Apr 02 - 03:50

Really like the cheery tune.

Submitted by omgitsmonika on Sat, 2015 Aug 01 - 01:46

I'm absolutely loving the vibes and the tribute to Ennio Morricone and A Fistfull of Dollars!

Submitted by Sage of Time on Fri, 2015 Aug 28 - 01:54

the name reminds me of Fistful of Rupees, and the song as a slight western undertone to match. I love it! :)