Great Fairy's Fountain Theme

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Submitted by Serenia on Sun, 2013 Sep 08 - 18:40

This song, especially when I heard it in the N64 games, drove me homicidal... I've no idea why...

Submitted by Jedi4232 on Wed, 2014 Oct 01 - 19:11

I love this one. Nintendo really (and I mean, really) knows how to use an oboe, as we've seen in several of their Zelda songs (i.e. Romance in the Air, Don't Want You No More, this one.) Another great show of this orchestra's talents!

Submitted by Jedi4232 on Thu, 2014 Oct 09 - 17:32

Every time I hear this song my heart flutters and I want to just hug everyone. It's so amazing! The harps are so fantastic! And that oboe, like I said in my last comment on this song! Man oh man, I lovey-love-love it!