Gerudo Valley

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Submitted by Finnick on Fri, 2011 Dec 09 - 17:35

That was so so ...AMAZING,AWSOME,COOL,AMAZING(wait I already said that didn't I)I can't explain how awsome that was...

Submitted by corkybarks on Tue, 2013 Feb 12 - 04:09

this is amazing beginning to end! one of my favorite songs from the series.

Submitted by Coobbyo on Sun, 2013 Sep 29 - 06:07

This son has so much brass in it that "BEYOND EPICNESS!" is quite the understatement. Enven if you had said "BEYOND EPICNESS!!!" it still would be a gross misrepresentation of how great this song truly is.

Submitted by Coobbyo on Sun, 2013 Sep 29 - 06:07


Submitted by nickelpickel1997 on Wed, 2014 Mar 05 - 11:53

You sir, are absolutely correct beyond a doubt! There is absolute zero words to describe it's EPICNESS!!! In science, absolute zero has never been reached. In songs, apparently it has!

Submitted by Aram on Thu, 2015 Mar 26 - 14:14

Absolute zero hasn't been reached, but it has been surpassed in 2013. Scientists did that by going beyond an infinite positive temperature (simplified) which turned out to be negative. So maybe the correct phrase is: "This song is beyond infinite." ;)

Submitted by LINKtothepast77 on Mon, 2015 Jul 20 - 07:10

best song eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!! i have always loved this song and this is the best version yet!