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Submitted by Zeldawesome224 on Wed, 2012 Oct 31 - 17:13

I used to hate that temple because of the wallmasters there. This sounds a lot more peaceful than that creepy chanting in the actual temple.

Submitted by Ryu Rikasu on Tue, 2013 Jul 09 - 20:45

Perhaps this is what it is after Link saves it?

Submitted by Sage of Time on Mon, 2013 Dec 23 - 18:46

The forest temple is my favorite temple in Ocarina of Time, and has the best music in my opinion. This song makes me feel like i am standing at peace in one of the temple's courtyards... The fealing is amazing.

Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2014 Jan 15 - 19:07

i think it may very well be possible that the temple was at one point a place of peace for beings who lived in the area before the forest took over. weird timeline stuff... you know?

Submitted by Sage of Time on Wed, 2014 Jan 15 - 23:21

I had a simmiler thought, which is why it is my favoret temple. The thought invalved the Forest Spirits that Saria mentioned, the fact that the temple looks like it was once inhabited, and how physics seems to stop applying (the twisting hallways for example).