Legend of Zelda Orchestral Medley

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1. Fairy Fountain (Intro screen edit)
3. Song of Healing
3. ID
4. Overworld
5. (Link to the Past) Game house (?)
6. Kikiri Forest
7. Song of Time
8. Midna's Lament
9. Lost Woods
10. ID
11. Ravio's Theme
12. Song of Storms (Windmill Hut edit)


Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Tue, 2014 Apr 29 - 19:57

Not enough people appreciate the musical amazingness that was my very first Zelda game. Anyone Know what the part right after the minish and before the song of storms?

Submitted by Deku Sages on Wed, 2014 Apr 30 - 05:46

That's Ravio's theme, from A Link Between Worlds. So catchy!

Submitted by Aram on Wed, 2014 Jun 25 - 23:22

Song #2 or #3 (wasn't paying attention to the order) is the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask.

Submitted by Aram on Sun, 2014 Jul 20 - 16:52

It's the second. ;)

Submitted by Aram on Sun, 2014 Jul 20 - 16:57

And #5 is the Lost Woods theme from A Link to the Past.

Submitted by SolidLinkBro on Sun, 2014 Oct 19 - 23:45

The tenth song is something from Minish Cap

Submitted by Dark_Link on Wed, 2014 Nov 05 - 22:14

I think it's the first Minish village in the Minish woods

Submitted by BecomingHylian on Tue, 2015 Jun 16 - 18:12

We don't hear Ravio's theme nearly enough. I absolutely adore this happy little bit of music and wish more people would do renditions of it!

Submitted by Wyst on Wed, 2017 Nov 08 - 19:06

With the first few tinkling musical notes of Minish Cap through Ravio's theme, I had to stop working and switch over to RadioHyrule, so that I could find out the artist, add it to my favorites, and leave a comment!

It's always a delight to catch these underutilized themes. :-D