A Raucous Din

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Submitted by Wyst on Thu, 2014 May 29 - 15:23

Enjoyable! :-) I have a cheerful smile on my face from listening. :-D

Submitted by Cassus_the_Cowa... on Fri, 2014 Sep 26 - 16:04

This song has a much lighter feel than the normally grand, majestic way Zelda music tends to be.

...I love it!

Submitted by Tuosev on Thu, 2015 Mar 05 - 18:59

Heh... I can kinda hear the Chocobo song from Final Fantasy being done to this style.

Submitted by Omkey on Wed, 2016 Jul 27 - 13:02

I usually have a white noise machine on to help me sleep, but it's not working so I put on RadioHyrule, which was still open when I woke up in the morning. Gotta say, this was a great song to wake up to and get me moving!