Her Smile in Every Summer

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Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Thu, 2012 Nov 29 - 13:24

What I really like about this song is the story it tells. A story of pure and simple love. this is what love should mean- just two people enjoying each other's company. Not what "love" means nowadays- nothing but lewd and flashy physical gratification. You don't need to be "hot"- you just need a person who feels the same way about you as you them. Someday, may we all find that person.

Submitted by XOrdinary on Thu, 2012 Nov 29 - 16:24

True that, bro. Knuckle pound. :)

Submitted by TheLinkskywalker2 on Wed, 2014 Apr 30 - 20:22

I agree completely. I like it how many people assume that it is a romantic song with lines like "Living in the Same House." The song is about Link loves and misses her on his trip.

Submitted by TheLinkskywalker2 on Wed, 2014 Apr 30 - 20:22

I meant to say the song is about how Link misses Aryll on his travels.

Submitted by HyruLyn on Tue, 2012 Dec 04 - 14:47

The message of the song is cute or whatever...but these vocals make me want to take a drill directly to my own brain! Waaaayyy too whiny sounding imo

Submitted by Boonski on Wed, 2014 Dec 17 - 20:56

My sentiments exactly.
Very whiny.

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Tue, 2012 Dec 04 - 20:49

I request this every time but this time, as soon as i rmember put my phones back on(7 min wait), i missed it! :(
at llleast i downloaded it!

Submitted by Yurii on Fri, 2013 Mar 29 - 19:23

I woke up with this song stuck in my head this morning. Which is amazing because I can't understand most of the lyrics.
Just thought I'd share that with the internet.

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Tue, 2013 Apr 23 - 19:52

I usually request this to hear it. I just came back from lunch break and put my headphones on and there it is playing! And it wasn't even requested! Love it.

Love this song.

Submitted by lulles on Thu, 2013 May 16 - 06:14

I really can't stand this song. I don't know if it's the vocals or the lyrics, which are really silly and repetitive. Yeah it's cute and all, but I don't really like it.

Submitted by Pandom19 on Wed, 2013 Sep 04 - 00:55

The lyrics to me are much more sad than they are silly. I'd say they hold more emotion in them then most songs nowadays.

Submitted by azulhombre on Sat, 2013 Dec 07 - 02:49

For me, I think it's the vocalist(s). Instrument-wise, this song without lyrics sounds like a song by The Beach Boys. I think it would have been much more enjoyable as an instrumental piece without the indie/folk/alternative twang coming from the singers.

Pain in the rear, too, because this gets stuck in my head all the time.

Submitted by erbilgerbil on Thu, 2013 May 16 - 18:26


Submitted by iylila on Thu, 2013 Jul 18 - 08:10

This has easily become my favorite song! I feel in love with it the first time I heard it.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 Jul 18 - 16:07

I used to love this song because it felt happy. Now I'm feeling miserable, and when I listen to some of the lyrics, I realize this guy feels the exact same way I do. Now I can't stop listening to it, and it's making me feel worse... :(

Submitted by Sericikana on Mon, 2013 Dec 09 - 14:31

When i feel down, i listen to Legend of cool till its stuck in my head

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Mon, 2013 Dec 09 - 15:26

Yeah, that would help, thanks. :) I'm already over it, but thanks anyways. :P

Submitted by MacaqueAttack713 on Sun, 2013 Aug 18 - 15:26

I request this song every few hours so it can be played immediately when it's available! I love this song! It's so easy to sing to and I love what Hot Freaks did to the original song. It's just awesome.

Submitted by Fallon16 on Thu, 2014 Jan 16 - 15:15

some would disagree XD, better hope sericikana don't see this post...he'll be mad..XDXD

Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2014 Jan 16 - 19:00

im not mad. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, i respect that. therefore its Perfectly alright Fallon, your allowed to be Completely and totally wrong.

Submitted by Fallon16 on Fri, 2014 Jan 17 - 14:44

I was only joking 9and you tell ME that i can't take a joke)
*face palm*

Submitted by Fallon16 on Fri, 2014 Jan 17 - 14:44

I was only joking (and you tell ME that i can't take a joke)
*face palm*

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Sun, 2014 Feb 09 - 04:32

Things never change, This song is still always on XD

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Wed, 2014 Feb 12 - 20:36

Still loving it!

Submitted by TheTruthDE on Mon, 2014 Dec 15 - 16:31

Normally I am not a fan of vocals but this is just great!

Submitted by hotataho on Fri, 2019 Aug 30 - 02:34

Hey Guys where are the App for my phone.. Just sad about that the app dont exist anymore....still a big fan of that community. Zelda 4 life <3