This Triforce Has Too Many Pieces

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Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2014 Jan 29 - 14:29

Because of the title, I could just imagine link Running through Hyrule yelling, "THIS TRIFORCE HAS WAY TOO MANY PIECES" >.< (that is Hyrule from the first game on the NES.)

Submitted by Sage of Time on Wed, 2014 Jan 29 - 19:24

However, it is easy to see how three pieces of an ALL POWERFUL artifact can be an overwhelming. Just look at all the events that happen in Warehouse 13 when extremely powerful artifacts are split into just TWO pieces (a person being possessed by a book, a random pendulum with an ax attached to it appearing out of nowhere, etc.

Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2014 Jan 30 - 18:42

AND YOU WATCH WH13 !!! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FACE. and that's true. i think the triforce belongs in the warehouse

Submitted by Sage of Time on Thu, 2014 Jan 30 - 20:44

Of cource i watch Wh13, it is one of the BEST SHOWS EVER. The Triforce would make the perfect addition to its shelves. A possible backstory could be about a Legend of Zelda fan who created a Triforce replica and wished on it every noght for X amount of time or something, till it was imbued with the essence of the goddesses.
P.S. I also watch Helix, Eureka, Lost Girl, Haven, Defiance, etc.

Submitted by Sage of Time on Thu, 2014 Jan 30 - 21:02

I just relized that the Triforce is like a more powerfull form of that wish-granting kettle that keeps spitting out ferrets, with a few extra features

Submitted by Sericikana on Fri, 2014 Jan 31 - 14:35

i don't know about you but i thought that one was hilarious I also watch those shows. haven't seen helix is it?

Submitted by Sage of Time on Fri, 2014 Jan 31 - 19:53

The show is dark and suspencefull, which is only increased by its isolation (it takes place in the middle of the Arctic, so it is DEFANATLY isolated). Also, you never see the sun after the initial scenes, so it gais a surreal quality, which makes it easy to beleave that anything can happen. Then there's the people who are infected, who start rambling about conspiracies, and trying to escape, some denying that they are infected. The ones who become beastal are called vectors (term for those who activly try to infect others). Also, little reason is given for the outbreak, only conjecture, becouse of the secrets being kept, so you this there wondering what is actually HAPPENING! So i defenatly recomend that you start watching it.

Submitted by Sericikana on Sun, 2014 Feb 02 - 15:22

That does sound amazing. maby i'll take a break from Attack on titan to watch it

Submitted by Sage of Time on Sun, 2014 Feb 02 - 18:10

this is primarily because I stopped watching anime and cartoon shows when I began to watch live action sci-fi shows (I think it's because they seemed more real to me).

Submitted by Sericikana on Mon, 2014 Feb 03 - 16:18

that's fine. everyone has their opinion. I do enjoy the series on syfy, however, I personally like the surrealism that can only come in anime. lately I've been watching sci-fi action and comedies like heavens lost property and fairy tail. there was also I guess I'm just an otaku that way. Everyone has their preferences.