Trouble at the Rave!

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Submitted by Bolero of the K... on Sun, 2013 Sep 08 - 19:32

Some things just arent Sacred anymore. it makes me sad

Submitted by Jacobphil2019 on Sat, 2015 Aug 29 - 05:03

what do you mean by that?

Submitted by Serenia on Sun, 2013 Sep 08 - 19:32

Someone found out Trouble on the Raft was actually good stuff!

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sun, 2014 Nov 16 - 07:07

(Did this album really come out over four years ago? Yeesh!)

"Trouble at the Rave!" is one of those few EDM songs that is almost nauseatingly repetive and yet still manages to fall under the "catchy" category rather than the less impressive "SHUT-UP-ALREADY!" category. This can be owed in large part to its relatively short length and its pleasantly familiar B section that breaks up the main theme a couple times. Having heard this track and also fallen in love with it before ever hearing the source track from OoA, I simply cannot unhear the rave while being tossed to and fro on that raft…and the whole scenario just seems much less perilous and much more fun!

This unexpected yet fantastically-executed remix by Flexstyle has a great beat and a wildly addictive tune that prove that any video game theme, no matter how grim or urgent the original, can be made fun! A sensational, bass-pumping EDM VGM remix, and my personal favourite track from Essence of Lime which is saying a lot because EoL is loaded with some of my favourite remixes ever!

Lastly, this remix would make a FRAKKIN' AWESOME battle theme for some modern, real-time combat game. Just saying.