Ballad of the Wind Fish (Kaze no Sakana Mix)

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Submitted by Kieroni on Thu, 2016 Jan 07 - 02:23

I expect many things from RH, but a random vocaloid is not one of them. I'm used to listening to 'oid voices, so it doesn't bug me, but zi can see how it grates others. XP If anyone is still freaking out. Look up vocaloid. It will explain why the view sounds funny. Think that this is... Gumi? Sounds a bit like Gumi

Submitted by on Thu, 2016 Feb 04 - 02:45

you know personally the song is alright, you know this sounds like more legit because most japanese girls sing really high. Sounds more authentic

Submitted by LegendOfBlinky on Fri, 2019 Nov 15 - 14:11

Its a really cool song! all opinions are indeed valid but i do like it :) the vocals effect remind me of vocaloid ahah its not a bad thing though! great job!