Zelda Medley

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Submitted by Zach Durtschi on Tue, 2011 Nov 08 - 14:26

This was awesome! It definitely deserves the "absurdly long" tag, but it was worth every minute!

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Tue, 2012 Sep 11 - 17:07

i LOVE this remix! it could ave been a bit longer but still legit to me :)

Submitted by azulhombre on Sat, 2014 Jan 18 - 02:07

The chiptunes were done very tastefully and set some great atmosphere. Nice work!

Submitted by Frogcamo on Wed, 2014 Dec 03 - 01:56

I was really impressed, it's hard to find stuff like this!

Submitted by NinFan237 on Mon, 2015 Apr 27 - 03:07

Who knew you could make Gerudo Valley, Lost Woods and the Song of Storms sound almost the same as the original songs with Chiptune music?

Submitted by Lord Pistachio on Wed, 2016 Jan 13 - 04:40

I love this mainly because the random "Ahhhh!" sound effect in the lost woods portion. I could listen to that for hours!