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Submitted by MustasLinked on Tue, 2015 Aug 25 - 02:50

I like the song a lot, but did I hear a bit of Kirby music there? XD Perhaps from Return to Dreamland?

Submitted by MustasLinked on Fri, 2015 Sep 25 - 11:02

Funny story, I was looking under the songs tagged "chiptunes" and saw this, so I played it. And I heard it. And I'm liker,"OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!" So I went to go favorite it, but it was already favorited.. THEN I saw my old comment, and realized what song this was. So yeh, this song has found a place in me heart. XD

Submitted by Dawn_Mage on Mon, 2016 May 30 - 13:11

this is probably what happens if you get Kirby as a playable character in a Zelda game.

Submitted by Akyro on Wed, 2016 Nov 02 - 17:56

Wow, this put me in the best mood ever. I didn't expected the track to be so catchy. Wanna have more of this chiptunes!