Drift Ashore the Dreaming Island

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Submitted by mikejcsauer on Mon, 2013 Apr 08 - 23:30

Love it.

Submitted by azulhombre on Sun, 2014 Jan 19 - 00:01

The music of Link's Awakening is one of many reasons that it is my favorite in the series. This mellow piano does such a great job of capturing the feeling of Koholint.

Submitted by ZuperZelda on Tue, 2014 Aug 26 - 07:38

Love this song so sleepy almost as if your in a dream ;-)
Very nostalgic.

Submitted by Freshnezz on Tue, 2014 Sep 23 - 12:01

Love this, DDBY has great stuff wow..

Submitted by uttfan on Wed, 2015 May 06 - 14:05

Such a beautiful piece. Makes doing homework so much easier. Thank you Radio Hyrule!